OnlyKey App unresponsive in Ubuntu 22.04

The OnlyKey App seems to hang (all buttons and fields unclickable) after opening and closing the ‘Choose File’ dialog. This makes it impossible to load firmware and restore from backup file.

OnlyKey v5.3.6
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Seems to be similar to this issue report in Github: Problems with gui not responding · Issue #198 · trustcrypto/OnlyKey-App · GitHub

Also having this issue.

@t11 you able to help, is there anything we can get you?

Unfortunately, I think this is a wayland compatibility issue. If so currently we have no work around.

Thanks for looking into this. Glad you were able to reproduce it.

any progress?

they seem to have had a similar problem

just verified.
it is!
maybe you could bump the version and issue a release.

also multiple vulnerabilities are still present . not sure if they can be exploited, but maybe have look ?


We have published release here to address this issue:

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Confirming this works again on the 5.5 app. The website only has 5.3.6 .deb, had to go to git-hub to find the 5.5.

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