Only Key Frozen

I have an onlykey. I attempted to load a pgp cert to it. After it stopped responding. The app freezes after unlock. It will freeze if I put it into config mode to load a backup. It will also freeze after I fail the pin enough times to wipe the firmware and attempt to reload it.

Suspect it’s just dead and needs to be RMA’ed but I cant find the warranty info, any help?

@t11 any recommendations? Key seems frozen. Is there any RMA process?

You can contact the OnlyKey and OnlyKey DUO come with a 30 day warranty.

Ordered a new key. Having the same issue.
Looks like it tracks back to this issue: OnlyKey App unresponsive in Ubuntu 22.04 - #3 by ueGYQmsU0GZU.

Seems like an issue with any of the Gnome-based Ubuntus. Kubuntu seems ok. No rpm package to test on those distros.

Confirming this works again on the 5.5 app. The website only has 5.3.6 .deb, had to go to git-hub to find the 5.5.