Onlykey slots not typing same password after loading from backup

I’ve backed up my onlykey (the OG one) and then loaded from backup. I also made a firmware upgrade. Now, the passwords from the slots don’t work anymore. Having seen the typed passwords on occasion before, the one’s typed now are still almost the same as they were before, some minor thing needs to have changed. I’ve tried every keyboard layout. What could this be? Really greatful for advice!

Can you let me know what version firmware your OG one was and what firmware you upgraded to? I can try to reproduce the issue you are seeing.

I’m now on version v3.0.1-prodc. Not sure, which one before to be honest, can I look that up? It was ordered a bit more than a year ago, was the first time upgrading.

Hmm, I do know we have had lots of users upgrade and no issues like this have been reported. Can you try upgrading to the latest firmware here?