New Button Hold Problem--Linux

I just experienced a brand new problem with my OnlyKey that I’ve had for many years. When I try to access the second button output it doesn’t work. For example, if I press the 1 button for 4 seconds it instead outputs the username and password for the 1 button as if I held it for only 1 second. The second longer button push is now very hard to initiate as it keeps doing that. It seems to happen with all the other numbers too.

At first I thought this must be due my OnlyKey getting old so I went and got my backup OnlyKey that I keep in case I loose my primary one on my keychain. This one has hardly ever been used, practically brand new. And this other OnlyKey had the same problem. So then I tried using different USB ports on my laptop and the same thing happens. I’m running Debian Linux with xfce. Is anybody else experiencing this problem? I’m guessing its either a new Linux software problem or something is going wrong with the laptop’s hardware, maybe the usb controller on my laptop. Can anybody confirm if they are suddenly experiencing this issue too on Linux?

I use Fedora daily with an OnlyKey and haven’t had that issue. What version of the firmware are you running? I haven’t updated to the latest firmware yet.

@chhejr The latest firmware is v2.1.0, if you don’t have that I would recommend trying to upgrade to see if that addresses your issue - Upgrade Guide | Docs