Onlykey not typing with certain keyboard formats

When I set the keyboard to US_Dvorak using the onlykey cli the onlykey does not type anything when I touch it. If I switch it back to almost any other keyboard it starts typing again. Has anyone else seen this issue?

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Thank you for this post - I was wondering why typing wasn’t working with my OnlyKey Duo and this reminded me that I tried to set the keyboard layout to “DVORAK” in the OnlyKey App (GUI). I thought it hadn’t set as it is showing “US_ENGLISH (default)” for Keyboard Layout under the Preferences tab, but it seems that this doesn’t screen doesn’t show the current setting from the OnlyKey (instead it’s only to let you update the settings).

Are you able to try with the latest firmware here -

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Thank you, @t11. Confirmed fixed for me with 3.0.3 firmware - my OnlyKey Duo is now typing (using Dvorak) with keyboard layout set to “DVORAK”.

Out of interest, was this the fix?

If so, why did this need to be sent 5 times instead of once?

I would like to upgrade to this firmware, but I get a message “file block too large” when I try to upgrade the firmware :frowning: .