Doesn't work as a keyboard in bios or in grub

Doesn’t work in bios. Doesn’t work with crypt hooks for entering luks password. Passwords are all base58 (alphanumeric) and on US keyboard. 1,5 year old factory firmware was typing something but consistently skipping the same character positions no matter the type speed. Updated firmware doesn’t type at all.

I was happy with no-software/cli, even if it requires python, but there was no way to do firmware updates. Then I spent 3 hours trying to install the app and 3 hours trying to do the update. Nasty garbage.

Disabling the “fast boot” in BIOS settings was the the solution for this PC. Seems like the updated firmware makes it behave more like traditional USB keyboards which aren’t always recognized while booting. Typing itself works correctly now.

Actually it still does mistyping. Things like typing only the first 3 characters and then spamming 4th character forever in grub (default type speed). Same thing was happening in bios with the old firmware and default type speed.

OnlyKey is essentially just a USB keyboard in your described use case. Unfortunately, old BIOS may not even support keyboards well, things like typing too fast will miss characters as the BIOS was only designed for slow typing. You can set a slower type speed on that slot in the OnlyKey app preferences tab.