Onlykey Duo no longer consistantly typing over RDP after firmware update

I just installed the latest firmware for Duo (3.0.1) as I was very much wanting to use it with my Samsung S21. However, since this, now there is an issue typing passwords over RDP and it does not turn out consistent 2 times in a row. It’s similar to this issue:

It was working perfectly, always, since I received it, over RDP. Now it’s not. I just tried 30 times in a notepad over RDP and only 2 times did it actually type out the correct password with the correct caps, numbers, etc. I even have it on type speed 1. This did not happen before the firmware update. It’s a bit of an issue for me as a good portion of my work is done over RDP sessions.

This is very odd as there are no changes in firmware v3.0.1 except a very minor change to support support Samsung devices. This should not effect any OnlyKey features. Is the password typing working correctly on the local computer not using RDP?