New Dvorak Keyboard Layout


I’ve been wanting to see the Pull Request to add Dvorak keyboard layout merged. I would really like to not have to change my keyboard layout everytime I use OnlyKey. There doesn’t seem to be any update on the firmware repository on Github for a long time and Pull Requests haven’t been reviewed for long. When can I realistically expect the next firmware update (with or without Dvorak)?

Are there milestones for different releases or is there a set release schedule for subsequent firmware versions?

@et7 There are not current plans to include Dvorak keyboard layout. There were issues when we tested the PR. If someone from the community that uses Dvorak could provide a correct mapping of the key codes and provide a working PR we could look into adding this to future release. Current PR is here -

We are including experimental support for Dvorak US keyboard layout in next release

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Thanks, @t11 when can we expect the release? This month? This year?

This change will definitely make my OnlyKey more usable.

Thank you for implementing Dvorak layout. However, the keyboard layout selection do not persist. Whatever I select, once I plug the device out and back in, US International is selected. Am I doing this wrong?

@et7 What do you mean that your selection does not persist?

I mean that no matter what I choose, the input field falls back to the default. I made a screen recording illustrating my problems:

Ah it looks like the Dvorak in the OnlyKey app does not work. I have updated the documentation. In order to use the Dvorak keyboard layout you will need to set this using the OnlyKey CLI as shown here -

So you would install the OnlyKey CLI on Linux/Mac and then run this command:
$ onlykey-cli keylayout 28

This worked, Thanks! :slight_smile: