Android keyboard

Hi, I 'm using OnlyKey on my chromebook with FRENCH keyboard and work well. But when I want to use it on my android smartphone, FRENCH keyboard doesn’t work, I have to set FRENCH SWISS to work well.
As change keyboard layout it’s not possible on Android, do you have a solution or correct this “bug” ?

DUO OnlyKey with lastest firmware v3.0.4

Hmm thats odd that the French keyboard layout on chromebook is different than the French keyboard layout on Android. OnlyKey just types the characters like a regular USB keyboard would. Which characters are incorrect?

I notice lof of as
q instead of a
z instead of y

  • instead of 1
    y instead of w
    é instead of m

I test with US_ENGLISH(default)
only z instead of y

And FRENCH_SWISS work fine.

I tried different to set different languague for keyboard (GBOARD) nothing…


Resolved, I succeeded to configure my smartphone with French, but very odd OnlyKey DUO was detected with FRENCH(SWISS) …

I don’t think the phone/device can detect what type of keyboard you connect. It usually defaults to whatever your device’s default settings are for an external keyboard. Glad this is resolved.