OnlyKey Duo - VMware Fusion not supported

Hi all:

I see that OnlyKey Duo is not supported by WMware fusion. It doesn’t appears on USB devices, so basically we cannot map OnlyKey to a Virtual Machine. It only works on the host (OSX).

Can you please confirm if this is a known limitation?


Sorry… I found this entry Using OnlyKey with Virtual Machines | Docs but I’m not able to make it works…

Fusion 12 on Monterey 12.4

I still not be able to see my OnlyKey on USB (but it works if I push it, it types the password… but app doesn’t recognizes it).


The instructions you found still work on the latest VMware Fusion. Did you make sure to complete this step:

Note: MacOS CATALINA (10.15+) requires additional security setting to access USB HID devices in VMware Fusion. Click on Apple logo on the top left of the Mac screen → System Preferences → Security and Privacy → Privacy → Input Monitoring. Select the + button and add VMware Fusion.