Only key not recognized by OnlyKey app in Macos

Suddenly my OnlyKey stopped working does not get recognized by the OnlyKey app although the key is opened by password, it does not type passwords anymore, I could only login with my password after the my Macbook restarted with the login prompt, but after the OS is up, neither the OnlyKey App recognized the OnlyKEy nor passwords typed by pressing OnlyKey buttns

Here at our business, we have also noted this since the introduction of macOS Ventura. The OS will need that you approve the device (OnlyKey) after this, it is possible to use it again.

We have asked our users, as an interim solution, to insert the key in an other device, and, as in our case, print out their laptop password, 56 chars… and enter it manually once, in order to get in to the OS and allow the key to be used. Would love to see some permanent solution to this issue.

@Cleura-Niclas I personally use OnlyKey with macOS Ventura. What issues are you having? Are you saying that OnlyKey is not typing the passwords out? What kind of approval of the device messages are you seeing?

Correct, the OnlyKey is not accepted by Ventura unless it is approved. This can be a bit problematic, especially when a user has upgraded from e.g Monterey, and then, since our laptop passwords are stored in a slot in our OnlyKeys… and nothing is typed in the password field… one has to be a creative, and have access to another device that do accept the key and “print out the password there” and manually enter the password.

I have restarted the macbook and the issue gone

Well, after having approved it, the issue is gone. A colleague has observed that it repeats after a period of time (the time period is unknown to me atm).

Please let me know if you are able to replicate the issue and how to do so. I have not been able to see this issue on Ventura and do not see any messages about approving the device.

Almost everyone here at our work place have had this experience at the FIRST login after upgrade to Ventura. So a computer with e.g Monterey or BigSur, where the key is working as normal, then upgrade the OS to macOS 13.1, and at the login screen, there will be a message at the top, stating that the accessory needs to be approved before being able to be used… Should be fairly easy to replicate.