Onlykey Duo not working with desktop app running Windows 11

I bought an Onlykey Duo (USB A+C). I downloaded the desktop app per the setup instructions. I am able to open the desktop app and it immediately asks me to connect my Onlykey. When I insert the USB-A key my ASUS laptop recognizes it and the app changes from please connect to a message stating, “working.” From this point the app does nothing. It just displays the, “working,” message on the screen and does not let me go any further. I have scoured the Onlykey website and countless other discussion threads, etc. and I am perplexed.

In addition, while my laptop recognizes the USB-A part of the key, it does NOT recognize the USB-C key.

I am stumped and if anyone out there can help I would really, really appreciate it. I have attempted to contact Onlykey support with no response.

Thank you!

Are you using Linux? If so you would need to follow instructions to install the app here Using OnlyKey with Linux | Docs

Are you able to try another computer to see if there is an issue just with this computer or with the OnlyKey?

I am running Windows 11 Pro. I tried and am having the same issue on my desktop also running Windows 11 Pro. I’m wondering if it is a conflict with Windows 11,

I would use “usbdeview” to nuke all your USB stuff then reboot

can use my ps1 script that downloads the latest portable exe from github. They basicly made it portable for me :stuck_out_tongue: