OnlyKey Duo not registering on laptop

Purchased 2 OnlyKey Duos. One is working well but other one does not register at all when plugged into laptop.Tried another laptop. Same result. Both Windows 10 (Both have the app). Also does not light up on android phone either. Also have the original OnlyKey which works well. Not sure where to start with the ‘faulty’ OK Duo.

It sounds like hardware failure. Did you purchase through Amazon? If so you would need to return the item for exchange.

I bought direct from OnlyKey (via Kickstarter) Bought 2 at the same time received about May 2022 but only used one. Have now tried to set up the other one but to no avail.

I re-inserted the USB-A upside down in the Onlykey slot and it took me a while to figure out that was a problem, but I’m guessing because you have two you would see the difference right away