OnlyKey Duo no longer functional

A few days ago my OnlyKey Duo did not respond—no lights or anything—when I plugged it into my phone. Later that day I tried it and it did work though. Tonight it is not working again. My phone recognizes something plugged in and says it’s providing power to it, but the lights didn’t come on and it cannot be unlocked. Tonight I also tried plugging it into my laptop, both the USB C and the USB A. The OnlyKey app didn’t recognize it, and the lights never came on. I’ll try again tomorrow to see if it’s somehow working again.

There’s not any kind of warranty on this, is there? It’s a shame if it really only lasted a couple months. Let me know if there’s more troubleshooting I can try

It’s working again this morning… no idea what’s going on. I guess I’ll just hope it keeps working.

Maybe I should just start a new topic, but this pattern of working some days and not others continues. It works about 50% of the days I try it. If it doesn’t work, taking it out and reinserting it never fixes the problem. Restarting the device and trying alternate devices never fixes the problem. Making sure all the connections are plugged in properly never fixes the problem. I just have to wait a day, or at least several hours, and try again.

I don’t know much about how electrical components physically work, but I have no idea why this works sometimes and not others. I can’t rely on the OnlyKey Duo. My original OnlyKey remains extremely reliable.

Any troubleshooting tips or ideas? I’d like to be able to use this when needed and not just when it decides to work.