Old Onlykeys don't work with new software

I have a several older onlykeys and they are not being recognized by the new app. How do I get the new app to recognize my old keys? The keys are so old they only have USB pins on one side of the key…

I am not sure what you mean here with USB pins. For the original OnlyKey (does not have a color LED) that was discontinued in 2017. You can continue to use it but the last supported firmware release is this https://github.com/trustcrypto/OnlyKey-Firmware/releases/tag/v0.2-beta.7

I think he means these things. These look similar enough to usb but what are they for, it doesn’t look like the only key can be plugged in both ways.

The bottom side of the connector is just a scratch plate, it rubs against the bottom metal side of your USB port

Okay never seen that before on these “slim usb a devices”. Looks especially weird tho with the splits.

The splits are required in case someone tries to plug it in backwards. If it was just solid copper and it was plugged in backwards that would short out the USB connector.

oh okay. I have never seen a slim USB-A device with metal on the back myself so this was all a bit confusing