Old OnlyKey from 2017 firmware loading

I just upgraded an original (unused) OnlyKey to the Beta 7 standard firmware using Teensy.

It worked, but when I opened the Desktop app to do the initial configuration, it asked me to upgrade the firmware again (that was the only tab showing), so I did, but then it got stuck with the LED in bright white and showed the “Please connect your OnlyKey” message for over a minute.

I disconnected and reconnected the OnlyKey, the Windows OS plays the “deviced connected” sound and Teensy continues to recognize it, but the app keeps showing the “Please connect your OnlyKey”, and the LEDs stopped working.

I tried loading the Beta 6 firmware version with Teensy, but still no LEDs are flashing and the app does not recognize it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Update: It seems the OnlyKey wasn’t bricked after all, but the Windows app will only work if I run with admin privileges.

I just confirmed this is probably a bug with the standard version on old hardware models, because I updated my main OnlyKey (I have two) and the LEDs in that one stopped working as well.

So now the issue has become: how can I recover the LEDs on both devices?

The original OnlyKey with the yellow LED was discontinued in 2017. The last support firmware is Beta 7.

If have an older color OnlyKey you would load firmware using the legacy method - Upgrading Firmware From Beta6 to Beta7 | Docs

After that you would upgrade through the OnlyKey app moving forward - Upgrade Guide | Docs

Thank you @t11 for your answer! I don’t believe I follow here. How do I know if my OnlyKey is the “yellow LED” model.

My OnlyKey flashes green, red and white.

How can I confirm the exact model of my OnlyKey devices?

Thank you in advance.

So it turned out I had the color version of the OnlyKey.

Using Teensy to flash the latest beta 7 firmware did it. And using the non-color firmware was the cause of the first issue as well.

At this point I’m just amazed at how well built these things are.

Thanks again @t11 for the quick reply and thank you OnlyKey for such great product.