Lock Key for Mac/Sysadmin Mode

Hi guys,

hence the Mac hasn’t a eject button anymore, could you please change this feature for the “Lock Key” in your future firmware? Thanks!

I made a kind of workaround with the sysadmin mode (which was by the way quite a challenge to understand the description) to set a button with ctrl-command-q. But this only locks my computer with an active onlykey, which is not that preferable as you can imagine :-).

Thanks by the way for your effort and good work!


What do you mean exactly? Lock the OnlyKey and not OS?

  • Hold button #3 for 5+ seconds to lock OnlyKey and to switch profiles.

Since firmware: v2.1.0-prodc upgradeguide

Hi Mango,

no for both, OS and the key. I was under the impression, that the “Lock Button” feature is for both.
See this entry in the Preferences:

" Lock Button The OnlyKey and the computer are locked automatically when this lock button is pressed (0 to disable)."


Edit: Oh I see, I wrote Lock Key in the OP, but I meant Lock Button of course :wink: