Lock just the OnlyKey, not OS

I was wondering if the “Lock Button” feature could have an option for changing from locking the key and windows to only locking the key, I know its a minor feature and you can set a timer to lock your key but this could be useful in certain situation when you leave your key plugged in (for truly paranoid people).

To just lock your OnlyKey you don’t need the lock button. Just hold down button #3 for 5+ seconds.

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Ah thanks for replying and letting me know.

You may want to add this to “Button Definitions” in “Feature” section of the knowledge base as it only lists functions for #1, #2 and #6 keys. (OnlyKey Features | Docs)

I am assuming you are a community mod so please don’t take offense to way I said the above, if not.

Thanks, I have added this to the features document.

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Thanks for updating it, I checked the feature document but it doesn’t appear to have changed, unless I missed or it will take some time to update.

The location for it I was looking at was in " Button Definitions" and at the part under " Unlocked OnlyKey"

Again thanks

I was looking at another post and it gave me a better idea then the one I suggest, which is to have a option in the “Slots” to lock the key after all configuration commands have be exercuted (didn’t want to create a new thread to suggest it)

Thanks, I have added this to the features document.

But only half the sentence from the release notes :sweat_smile:

  • Hold button #3 for 5+ seconds to lock OnlyKey and to switch profiles.

:grin: Also the designer, engineer, developer, maker, founder, CIO, … from CryptoTrust and OnlyKey.
OnlyKey started as a kickstarter.com project.

@Mango_Mungo I was actually aiming that quoted part at t11 as he seems to help allot but its also cool to know the dev’s actually respond in the forum, and who they are. (edit: hmm rethinking maybe you meant t11)

Yeah I knew the OnlyKey was a kickstarter project after the fact, only found out about the OnlyKey a few weeks ago. I had been using and still am using Yubikey (for certain things) but due to websites limited 2FA/U2F support I needed something slightly different and found the OnlyKey with a text targeted internet search. I like that it requires a code to unlock as this partly bothered me with the yubikey (was partly interested in the upcoming Yubikey Bio), and the multiple slots of the key was one of the main reason I bought the key. I will also be keeping a eye on your upcoming project that was mentioned some where on your site.

My emergency locking technique :wink:

Quickly unplug and re-plug the key


Lol, that is mine too, but my pc has no front connectors so I use a cable to make it easily accessable, which requires two hands to do this with ease.

Yes, I meant t11 (Tim). I am a normal user/customer.

Hold button #3 for 5+ seconds does not work?
Take firmware OnlyKey_2_1_0_STD

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No I was just explaining why I wanted a button press, but thanks for the help anyway.

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