How to turn off the config mode?


I am confused.

I follow the instructions to set the backup passphrase.

  • I turn on the config mode by pressing 6 for more than 5 seconds. The LED is permanently blinking red.
  • I enter my passphrase into the designated entry.
  • I click “Next”.
  • I get the message that the operation is successful.

All right, so everything went well.

Now I want to back up the key.

However, the LED is still permanently blinking red. This means that the config mode is still enabled, right ?

So my question is : how do I turn off the config mode ?

Is it OK if I just unplug the Key ?

Please note that I ask this question because I don’t know what’s going on under the hood. By unplugging the key while it is in config mode, I may damage it, or I may corrupt its configuration somehow. I have no idea.

Note : it may be I good idea to present the procedure to disable the config mode right in the OnlyKey desktop application “setup tab”. Just add a line that says : “when you’re done, you turn off the config mode by…



You would remove the key, plug it back in.

OK, thank you.