Cannot create backup / set passphrase

Holding ‘1’ to print backup results in device blinking red twice and no output. What does this mean?

When I set a backup passphrase, how can I tell it worked? I enter config mode on device, set the passphrase via the app, click ‘next’ and I am passed back to the main setup screen. There’s no feedback to indicate whether anything has happened, other than the debug saying “Last message received: INITIALIZED”

App version 5.3.6
OnlyKey 3.0.2-prodc

I am having a similar issue, and would really appreciate assistance. The key sets up fine, but the moment I put it into ‘config mode’, the light goes out and does not flash red. Meanwhile the app returns INITIALIZED for everything I attempt to do, with no effect on the key itself.

Given I have successfully setup an Onlykey DUO to my liking with the same app, I suspect a fault with the key proper.

@James You have to re-enter the PIN code after putting device in config mode:

@pat333 It sounds like you are having a similar issue, try re-entering PIN to activate config mode if a PIN has been set