Onlykey DUO not going into config mode, yellow LED turns on

I just got my Onlykey DUO. I try to put it in config mode by pressing and holding the 1 key for over 10 seconds and then what ends up happening is the LED turns yellow and then the DUO doesn’t respond to anything. I thought maybe it went into a different profile but trying to change profiles does not work. The only thing I can do is unplug it and then re-enter the PIN. I can’t seem to get into config mode.

@jer If you hold the 1 key for less than 10 seconds the LED turns yellow as this is telling the OnlyKey to do a backup, for example holding for 9 seconds would result in this. The button functions are defined here:

Hold button #1 for 5+ seconds to backup OnlyKey

LED will be yellow during backup

Hold button #1 for 10+ seconds to put OnlyKey DUO in config mode

LED will turn off to allow re-entering PIN if a PIN has been set and then will flash red while in config mode.

Thank you. I guess my 10+ seconds was a bit off. I hold it a bit longer now and it’s fine.