Can't enter config mode when trying to backup OnlyKey

When I hold down #6 for 5+ seconds on my OnlyKey to enter config mode it doesn’t work. It blinks twice red, then goes back to the standard flashing LED, the light doesn’t turn off or anything. I tried updating the firmware but since you also need to be in config mode to do that it did not work. I tried entering config mode on Linux, Windows, and MacOS, none of them worked. Just the red LED flashing twice then nothing.

Do you have the international travel edition firmware? That doesn’t have a config mode so it would flash red like you mentioned.

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I didn’t upgrade the firmware since I bought it no. Is there a way to check? If I do have the international travel firmware can I change it somehow?

@east You could factory default device (by entering incorrect PIN 10 times) then you can load firmware without needing config mode following instructions here Upgrade Guide | Docs

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That worked, thanks for the reply.