Create a native USB C device

Hi, It would be great to get a USB C only model, yes I know there are adapters.
Everything I own is USB C, so its a little annoying having to always have a bulky adapter.


Bumping this thread to show support. I was honestly a bit disappointed when I learned that the Duo was still USB-A with an adapter (which oddly doesn’t work with my Android device, I still have to carry a separate OTG adapter).

Personally, I’m interested in a native USB-C OnlyKey as my work laptop is being refreshed in a few months, and like most laptops now, the new model is going USB-C only which means I will no longer be able to have my OnlyKey Duo permanently connected to one of the ports.

I don’t particularly care for YubiKey, but I think the 5C Nano is the only hardware password manager out there with this form factor.

OnlyKey DUO is both USB-A and USB-C. Have you tried upgrading the firmware on your device? There was an issue with this working on Samsung devices on the initial release but supports all USB-C phones/devices now.

Was already on the 3.0.1 firmware which had the fix for Samsung devices, however tried upgrading to the latest 3.0.3 release anyway to see if it made a difference, but no luck. TBH, I don’t necessarily fault the Duo since it does work with other OTG adapters, it just makes me wonder what could be different with the included one since USB OTG doesn’t require anything special, should just be bridging pins 4-5 on the USB-C side. For reference my Android device is a OnePlus 7T Pro.

But to be clear, this isn’t my issue with the Duo, just an annoyance. It would still be cool to see a native USB-C OnlyKey like the YubiKey 5C Nano for the aforementioned reason.