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When I enter “maindude@gmail.com” in the username field in a slot with settings to Danish keyboard on onlykey as well as on computer it looks good when entering the characters in the slot itself, but when pushing the relevant slot number printout is instead “maindude“gmail.com”.
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I am using the app on a Macbookpro

I now see on github and in the google group this has been an unsolved issue for many other keyboard layouts on Macs for years including Hungarian and French.
This amounts to Onlykey being unusable for Mac users until solved. So I strongly suggest putting clear information on the webshop/website that Onlykey will NOT work on OSX keyboard layouts or solving the issue after years and many support requests.
It is not fair to omit this information yet at the same time market the option for multi-keyboard-layout.
I have just bought 3 Onlykeys for 3 users here in Denmark off course using the Danish keyboard layout. My plan was to offer this security solution as a service to concerned users wishing assistence in setup.
Thanks for looking into this.

I am happy to take a look at this. Looking at the danish layout, to enter the @ character this is pressing the 2 button and the ALTGR key correct? Then to enter the " character this is pressing the 2 button and the SHIFT key correct? This is how we have it mapped for Danish layout here - https://github.com/trustcrypto/OnlyKey-Firmware/blob/18f57d6bb9568871b912f3efc727c16e8adc6cb4/keylayouts.c#L2406 @tobshobs

Hello T11,

Thanks much for your helpful response.
I have digged into it and understand there must be a wholly separate keyboard layout for Danish on Macs for it to work properly as many characters differ from the regular Danish keyboard.
This is also why there are two keyboard layouts for German, one for windows and one for Mac.

Hence, I have now myself made the full keyboard layout for Danish Mac. I believe it should be working fine, but as it is untested on the Onlykey hardware it is difficult to be absolutely certain.
I have opened an issue on Github as to what is next. Please do let me know.



We have included support for the new Danish Mac keyboard layout in the new upcoming release.

Hi t11,

I have tried it out and basically it doesn’t work. I am willing to work more on it if you can give me some directions as to how to go about it.

For someone in the know as to how this is done properly and who has a mac. It would be simple to get all the mac keyboard layouts sorted in one go. I believe this and the relative complexity of installing the onlykey Cli on Mac may prevent many mac users from choosing this product rather than Yubikey. With the most common language keyboard layouts set up in the app, this would be a far superior product than Yubikey for mac users. Until then I don’t see it happen with mac users…

I believe that Yubikey does not support the Danish Mac keyboard layout either. They recommend that everyone switch to the US standard keyboard layout - https://www.yubico.com/blog/yubikey-keyboard-layouts/

We try to prioritize new features based on the number of users that have interest. I would encourage anyone who has interest in this feature to click the like button here so we know there is interest.

@tobshobs if you can provide detail on what doesn’t work we may be able to address this in a future release.

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True Yubikey doesn’t support other mac-languages. But UX is otherwise so neat and simple on Yubikey that they get some slack on this one thing that isn’t intuitive, I guess. But all this at the expense of features though where Onlykey is the unchallenged master in the game. Still the awsomeness would be unparalelled if a good choice of language keyboards were supported on Onlykey, I am not only concerned about Danish. Imagine if it just worked like that out of the box in most countries.
The solution as it is now for non-techies is off course to avoid special characters altogether and avoid inputting any mail address or URL in any of the slots as the @ and : and / are all such character that would require changing the keyboard layout momentarily to US. It is a limitation that for some arguably defeats the purpose of a more advanced solution such as Onlykey compared to Yubikey. And what is the practicality of switching keyboard layout everytime you use Onlykey? I wouldn’t be able to convince regular danish, spanish, french people to do that.

I think if the voting (liking) for this feature is just about Danish keyboard there surely won’t be that much support, if however the voting is concerning a somewhat larger project of Onlykey generally supporting a larger variety of keyboard layouts to cater for more newcomers and use cases, that would incorporate a much stronger and longer term strategy for Onlykey that we all love and want ever more people to love.

Yes, I will provide more details as to what doesn’t work as you request. Would be great to get this working, and for me to learn more about how it is done properly.

Imagine if it just worked like that out of the box in most countries.

What would be your recommended solution to make this happen? Unfortunately keyboard layouts don’t just vary based on countries, some are different based on PC or Mac. Also then there are the alternative layouts such as DVORAK.