Windows Defender

I downloaded the Windows App installer and Windows Defender stopped it.

The application installer has a certificate, doesn’t Microsoft trust it?

I don’t want to install an app that Windows Defender does not like:


As the publisher is CryptoTrust LLC this is signed with a trusted code signing certificate. Unfortunately Microsoft SmartScreen often has false positives where it blocks legitimate apps from running.

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I submitted the installer to Microsoft and this is what I got from them:

"We’ve reviewed your submission and we’ve confirmed that the submitted files are clean. Windows Defender Antivirus doesn’t report them as malware.

The message you observed is a notification from Windows Defender SmartScreen indicating that the application does not have known reputation in our system. Application reputation warnings are meant to inform end users when applications do not have known positive reputation. This doesn’t mean that the application is malicious, only that it is “unknown”. Please note that users can still proceed to download and run the application.

In most cases, a digitally signed application will establish reputation organically, unless something has happened to denigrate existing reputation such as being used to sign malware. We will investigate this issue further and contact you if we need additional information."

I ran the installer and are now setting up my OnlyKey.

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