Hacker: spoofing, computer incursion, need advice

I started setting up my new one key last night around 7pm. At 3am my hacker (he comes back every night) got to work spoofing the one key app so I’d log in and give him my info (Kaspersky gave me a heads up so I knew not to enter pins). He also installed about 4000 (seriously) other files that seem like a ton of canned scripts and about 40 that were created just for my machine and key. since I had only started with the key, no interesting info was on it. What do you think, safe to use the self destruct codes and jump right back in with the key? That and any advice is welcome. Wifi and router were uplugged at the wall, computer was on and set to “blocking network traffic” in Kaspersky. No idea how this loser got in.

If you have an active hacker in your computer why would you continue to use that computer? You should never under any conditions log into accounts on a compromised computer. You should consider every account you have logged into on that system compromised and change all passwords to something complex and random. You should completely wipe the compromised computer and certainly not use it or log in on it.