SHA256 checksum not matching

I checked the checksum value for the windows only desktop app and it does not appear to match what is listed on the website. Not sure if I am making a mistake or not.
I get 22FC0B80D0B11FA5B0F9A566AE11EDB8AEE41E53905259E2A8A948C71E45E1FE for the Onlykey 5.3.6 window desktop app.
The website has: Windows SHA 256 CHECKSUM: d221f4199be048ce5acf4ffc960b0ca60ff8846242a59f61c1a964d356244194

My guess is the website was not updated with the new SHA256 Checksum. But to be safe, I am not installing.

U can get the updates from here:

Also checksums are available for verification

Thanks for reporting this, it looks like what happened was the docs still pointed to the v5.3.4 link and hashes. This has been corrected in the docs.