Having trouble with initial set up

Hello, I just got my OnlyKey and attempted to do the quick setup by pressing the 3 button down for 5+ seconds, but that did not work. So, then I attempted to download the setup app, but both Malware bytes and Windows Defender blocked the download site saying that it is malicious. So, it seems I have no way to set this up. Can someone please help me?


Interesting, have not received other reports of our site or app being blocked. Does Windows defender and Malwarebytes have an option to report this as a false positive? Are you using our official documentation here - https://docs.crp.to

Our app is signed by CryptoTrust’s code signing certificate that is trusted by Microsoft.

Well, I was originally clicking on the Windows app from the desktop setup link, and received that warning message every time But afterward (after I sent you this original message), I clicked on the Chrome app link and that worked fine. So as of now, that issue seems to be resolved. And yes, the link you just gave me appears to be the same link that I originally tried.

However, just now, another issue just came up; and that is that when I just now opened the Only Key app that is now on my computer (the Chrome app) and went to the SLOTS tab, the configuration on the slots has changed dramatically, from how it was last time. Instead of how I originally set it up with it having 6 a and b slots, it now has 3 a, b, and c slots and I am missing one of my account configurations. HOWEVER, luckily I took a picture of the original configuration (so I could use the key on another computer without the app) of which I was able to use to successfully remind me of where my account configurations are. So, therefore, it seems that the configuration on the desktop app is scrambled (and thus inaccurate), while the saved configuration on the Only Key is still correct. Any way to fix this?

I am not sure I understand your issue. The app just shows slot labels, whatever label you assigned to the slot. The Chrome app is an alternative app but the desktop app is recommended.