Why are there connectors on the underside?

dmesg shows nothing happening when you put the key in upside down, so is there a full USB connector on the underside not connected to anything?

I’d like to suggest that a small (8GB?) flash chip be put there for storage.
I’d be very happy to dump my USB key from my keyring which contains my ID, a copy of my encryption software, a couple of SSH keys, my avatar image (.face), and other silly bits that it’s convenient to have. Let’s not underestimate the absolute joy of having a USB key on you at all times, even if you’re not expecting to need it!

The idea of “Only” key is to just have one, right? Why is this connector wasted?

Its a scratch plate not a connector. It’s in 4 parts in case users plug in device backwards.

After thinking a little more…

A hardware switched encrypted key using those scratchplates.

Put your key in righr side up, enter your PIN. If you pull the key, you have two seconds to turn it over before a capacitor discharges, but while it’s charged the USB key will plug in and work.

Without charge a transistor isn’t switched, the device doesn’t work and isn’t in an unlocked state. I’m not an engineer, but spitballing never hurts. Might be a feature to a few people for an extra £1.

Can you imagine trying to provide support where you tell people to plug device in, enter PIN, quickly remove and flip over in less than 2 seconds?