Thoughts on connector

Okay, so I only say this because a mention on one of your updates mentioned new connectors, and that got me thinking. Have you considered a female USB-C connector? Hear me out on this:

When I’m restricted to the USB receptacle right on the computer (laptop, desktop, usb hub, whatever), I have to put the key in wherever that is… and sometimes, where that is is not in a very good place for me to easily hide my pin entry process! Since this code protects a lot of passwords, caution when entering it seems in order, and while sometimes it’s no problem, in public or office settings, I’d often kinda rather have it on a cord so I can hold it close, or under desk, or my hat, or coat and type in my pin out of sight.

And this would open up the door to even really tiny adapters, male on both ends, which could be almost as short as the lengths of the two connectors butt to butt, and a tiny additional key-ring or whatever could accompany it with all the different connectors (of course, they’d need to connect to the device with like a little lever hook or something, but that’s simple enough).

Anyway, just had to at least throw it out there, think about it. :slight_smile: