Unable to set slots on new OnlyKey on Ubuntu 20.10

How do I find out what is in which slot of my OnlyKey and where is the normal CLI utility to manage the key?

I have a new OnlyKey and am unable to set slots. I have gone to the Getting Started page (which is lousy with JavaScript by the way) and looked at the Users’ Guide:


Then I downloaded the APT package:

[link prevented by forum because I have a new account]

and installed it on a Ubuntu 20.10 - 64-bit system. The program /opt/OnlyKey/nw doesn’t seem to be a proper program but may be an Electron App instead. Whatever. It appears not to be able to access the OnlyKey without running as root. When run as root, I can access the key and set PINs and such. But I cannot find a way to fill any of the slots. I can go to the App → Slots → Slot 1a and then I can fill in some fields and click “set slot”. The light remains green but blinks a few times. Then it returns to the Slot menu but still shows Slot 1a as empty. However, when I press button 1 to activate slot 1a, then I get the expected results. So it appears that the program is not showing which slots are filled:

Did you fill the slot label?
Open a text editor and long-press button 2 for 5 sec to type out all slot labels.

Thanks. I had missed the slot label.

The tip about pressing button 2 for 5 seconds helps, too. I’ve checked the Users’ Guide about that, too, but did not spot it. Did I miss it there as well or is there another place where all the special button actions are listed?

Edit: That answer is found in the Features page under the heading “Button Definitions”

There is somewhere in the doc I believe. The information about long-pressing 5 sec of buttons is scattered everywhere in the doc and I think put them together will be nice.