Change existing slot

I have just received my OnlyKey, great! Now I am trying to figure it out…

In slot 1 of the key I have set my Password Manager credentials. When I tested it, it typed the URL, username and password but as it appeared, the password had a typo so it couldn’t log me in. When I wanted to change it, I clicked slot 1 in the OnlyKey app and faced an empty screen. Only the name of the slot was pre-filled. Is this the expected behaviour? I was expecting to find all the slot settings as I set them earlier (and not an empty screen)?

Yes, it’s normal for the OnlyKey app to show a previously defined slot as “empty” apart from the slot name. The data is still there. If you want to fix a typo for a specific field, just check the box next to it, enter fixed information and click “Set Slot”. Doing this merges the fixed data with previously entered data, so you can adjust only those fields you want to change. If you want to clear a slot completely, use “Wipe Slot”

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Yes, that works! Could be made a bit more clear in the documentation, I think :wink: but it works! Thanks for the quick reply.

The reason for not showing anything other than the label is a security reason. The label is the only value the app can read from your OnlyKey. Other values are write only so there is no way for software (or for malware) to extract your sensitive information.

Yes, makes sense and good to know the reasoning behind such (as it first appeared to me) lacking functionality. Lacking by design, that is! Glad somebody thought a bit longer about it then I did :slight_smile: