OK Duo USB-A slot size question

Hey there, can the usb C adapter portion of the OK Duo support the thickness of the USB-A OK? As in, if you own both products, could you plug the USB-A OK into USB-C adapter of the OK Duo, or would the OK USB-A male end be too thick to fit inside the Duo’s slot?

I’m looking for a portable way to use my OK USB-A in a world thats increasingly USB-C-first (especially for mobile devices.) There are certainly adapters out there, but I’m looking for something thin as a key and with a keychain hole in it. I cannot seem to find such an adapter elsewhere without sacrificing thinness.

Thank you for any feedback,

You can use the DUO adapter on an OnlyKey but it’s not made for it so does not fit well.

Hey thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. To clarify: it may not be nice, but it is in fact functional?

Thank you,

Yes it is in fact functional

Awesome. I don’t know of anywhere online that i could confirm that information, so thank you for taking the time!