Key change or longer pin. Also include short cable

Two items, the second first. Bought this off Amazon a week ago, but had to wait until today to use it because my only accessible slot mounted the key upside down. A basic 10cm USB M > F cable would have been convenient.

Next, passwords. Six digits are really limiting. Considered runes, but need 9 points. Patterns can be difficult to remember. Seems good choices are a date of importance with no direct connection to you, old phone numbers, or a short word or phrase converted to T9 cypher. One could further secure it by using a letter/number shift.

As an example, my mother’s birthday is 12-3-45. Obviously a terrible choice. I graduated 1994. 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 23. 2 + 3 =5.

So let’s use 5 as our shift. It then becomes 67890. Still insecure, but this is only an example. If 12345 is your password, get medical help.

The problem is there are no 7 8 9 0 keys.

My first thought was to treat ‘6’ as a modifier, s-o 6 + 1 = 6, … 6 + 5 = 0. The problem is (again terrible choice) if the password is 1234567890, fifteen digits are actually required. Since 10 is the current limit, that becomes a problem.

What I think is a better choice is to make ‘6’ an actual shift key. besides allowing all ten digits while limiting pin to 10 characters, one could, for instance, set 5x5 slots. Hold shift and ‘1’, get five “home” slots. Shift plus ‘2’ gives five work slots, using ‘3’ for crypto coins, etc. Not sure if the hardware can support that many slots, but seems that this could be done in software, then pushed to users.


Not sure why the supplier would include a M to F USB cable (all contents of the OnlyKey are listed), if you wanted a cable you could of picked one up from amazon for extremely cheap whilst purchasing the OnlyKey (I also use a cable as my usb ports are at the back of my pc).

I would hazard to guess the six digit pin is more to do with the form factor of the stick as the 10 digit pad would be massive in size and not easily carriable on you keyring, also the size of the buttons being smaller to fit on the same form factor would make the buttons far less accessable, I guess it security over form factor.

Some how I missed your last paragraph, its a interesting idea, maybe could they could make it optional as that will increase complexity and unlock time, for extra slots as an idea you could also hold down 1 key and have the other 5 five as different slots

considering physical size, I think a sticky key is better than having to hold one down and press another.

how would the sticky keys work?, holding it down for a much longer time then the quick press or the long press for the 2 slots atm.

I would set it up so the key would stay on until it or another is pressed.

So let’s say the lower left is our modifier. key looks like:

(1)    (2)
(3)    (4)
(M)    (5)

Pressing any of the numerical keys would perform as normal, either as quick or long press.

pressing (M) would give a layout of:

(6)    (7)
(8)    (9)
(M)    (0)

from here, you could do a long or short press. Pressing (M) would revert back t0 the first five numbers, or it could be set to automatically revert ofter key release.