Firmware questions

Hi. I’m actually quite techy, I ran a tech company for 20 years. But I find the only key documentation really poor and can’t actually get it to do anything. My first question is about the firmware. I found a page on the only key website that has a download link and it says it can be checked with a checksum. What on earth is that, where is it in the download text file and how do I check it. Thank you for your help. Paul

Interesting, we have received lots of positive feedback about how clear the documentation is. What in particular was confusing? You don’t need to do anything with the firmware to use your OnlyKey. To get started you just go to the link on the packaging of your OnlyKey -

Then you go to users guide to set up your device. The only time you would need to upgrade the firmware is when a new firmware is released.

Hi. I had already set it up but when I logged into the application on my computer it told me to update the firmware. On the firmware update page it says something about checking it’s the right firmware with a checksum or something. And provides a long string of characters. What on earth is a checksum and how do you verify the string. It’s nowhere in the documentation.

Plus my key doesn’t work for any 2 factor authentication I’ve tried it for and also I have put a couple of websites on it but can’t get the logins to work. I developed a large IT company and have created a number of software packages so technology is not beyond me. But I can’t get this key to work, don’t know how to update firmware when told to and it doesn’t even do 2fa (at least I haven’t been able to get it to). I’ve spent hours on it.

A checksum is a common way to verify that the file you download has not been tampered with. If you are running an old version of firmware (before v2.1.0) you can upgrade using the instructions in the users guide - Upgrade Guide | Docs

When you say your key does not work for 2FA you will have to be more specific. OnlyKey supports multiple methods of 2FA and you would follow the users guide to set that up - OnlyKey User's Guide | Docs