OnlyKey Duo Backup Passphrase Locked


I set a backup passphrase, or at least I thought I did, when I first set up my only key. I noticed that it says " * Error backup key mode set to locked" every time I attempt to change it while in config mode. I’ve also attempted to load a private key as a backup key but it also responds with the same message " * Error backup key mode set to locked". I did a test backup and then verification on that backup, but it fails to verify. My OnlyKey Duo is producing invalid/corrupt backups and I can’t set a backup key. I’ve tried updating the firmware on it as well and I’ve had no luck.

I’d like to understand why the backup passphrase is locked and if I need to, how to totally wipe and factory reset the device and start over. I’ve got a backup from my regular OnlyKey I want to restore to my Duo so nothing critical is lost in a factory wipe.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

If you ever need to wipe and restore your OnlyKey DUO to factory defaults you can do that by holding down button #1 on device for 10 seconds (device will flash red) then hold down button #2 for 20 seconds. All data on your device will be wiped and you can go through setup again.

You can also use the Self-destruct PIN if one has been set.

For your backup issue is it possible the device is typing too fast, or you clicked out of the backup box while it was running? Sometimes setting the typespeed lower can help if your device is typing too fast for computer to keep up.