Backup from OnlyKey into Onlykey DUO and vice versa


I tried to restore a backup from OnlyKey into Onlykey DUO and vice versa with no luck.
(Both Keys with the latest FW available: OnlyKey v2.1.2-prodc and OnlyKey DUO v3.0.0-prodp)

Am I doing something wrong or is it not supported yet?


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@edu This is supported, the requirement being that you have the same backup passphrase or key on both devices.

@t11 I’m pretty sure both keys are the same. The only difference is that in the original Onlykey Sysadmin Mode is set.
When I try to restore the backup I get no messages from the app indicating an error in restoration. The behaviour in the app is the same when I get success and when not restoring the backup contents.

Anyway I will try again and I will post results.


You were right @t11, backup passphrases were different. The problem comes from the fact that default configuration in app locks backup passphrase changes. When I first configured the DUO key I wrote a test passphrase, later I tried to change it to the good one and I thought I had success (I didn´t see the log message).

I have now configured onlykey DUO with advanced options checked and I have the option to mark passphrase as changeable or not.

I think that you should check if default configuration marks backup passphrase as locked. I think so.

My problem is solved and I can now restore my backups from OnlyKey into DUO.


@edu Great news! Yes, the default DUO setup is meant to be as quick as possible so the default has no device PIN required. With no PIN though the backup passphrase is locked (more secure this way). Since there is no PIN if the key were lost or stolen an adversary could not just change the backup passphrase to backup/restore the device. They would have to know the backup passphrase the user originally set during setup.

Yes, it is a very good idea!!! :+1: :+1: :+1: