On First-time SetUP - backup phrase MIA

Followed directions for quick set up on PC laptop. Was able to create 3 PINs while instructions showed on TXT.file. System (of onekey) verifed all three PINs were successful at set up and confirmation… but my backup phrase never showed up.

I watched the training video under Onlykey Docs page…and it shows the backup phrase is auto generated. I waited an hour and – nothing.

Where do I find it?.. And can the phrase be wiped, reset?


It sounds like you are referring to quick setup OnlyKey User's Guide | Docs

If you clicked out of the document editor that was typing this before it completed that would cause the issue. To reset an OnlyKey and go through setup again you can use the sel-destruct PIN or enter 10 incorrect PINs.

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this should be in the documentation under how to reset the key !

Currently this is in the setup area of the user’s guide:

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yes as I said, its currently classified as a pro tip, but it should be noob tip :wink:
at least it was a noob error by me :wink:

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