May Have Received Broken Unit

Holding 3 for more than 5 seconds in Notepad does nothing.
The Windows application does not get the PIN I type during setup.
Is there any way I can diagnose the unit ?

Or I am dumb as a rock and missed some important step ?

When you load the OnlyKey app and it asks for your PIN, what happens? Does it unlock correctly?


Always this no matter which 7-10 digits I press.

Looks like it isn’t set up. I can see in the log at the bottom it says 'Error PIN is not between 7-10 digits. You’re entering/setting up a PIN between 7 and 10 numbers long right, and pressing next?

Are you saying you’re able to proceed to the end of set up and then when you reconnect it isn’t setup?


Turns out the OnlyKey is fine.
But it is not working in the USB ports
of my HP Ultra Slim Docking Station.

Thanks BVS.

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