Individual slot type speed

Please consider again adding individual type speed for each slot (and perhaps necessarily back up type speed) as an option.
Some applications do not respond to fast type speeds while others do. I have to slow the type speed down to open my device but this slower speed is inconvenient when using other applications.


Hey this is supported with the latest firmware and app - Upgrade Guide | Docs

Thanks for the update!
One thing I did notice however is that the global type speed (set in primary profile) locks individual type speed preferences in the 2nd profile- I’m unable to set unique individual slot type speeds in the 2nd profile.
Am I doing something incorrectly?

I updated to App 5.3.6 and Firmware 2.1.2. When applying slot speed for one slot, it changes typing speed globally for all slots. Any idea why? Does this feature of single slot typing speed work for anyone?

Please use the latest firmware here Release OnlyKey 3.0.4 Firmware · trustcrypto/OnlyKey-Firmware · GitHub

So i successfully updated the firmware to 5.3.6(the one from your link, but in the app it shows App v5.3.6) and the issue persists.

v5.3.6 is the app. Do you see in the app that your device has 3.0.4 firmware?

Of course i made a mistake. I had an old firmware after all, not it works as intended. Thanks.