Separate type speed settings per slot

Please make it be possible to adjust/save the type speed independently per slot. This way you could use faster speeds for those logins which are compatible with it and use slower speeds for problematic ones.


We will consider this feature for future release. Anyone else interested in this feature? Please like post above so we know how much interest there is in this feature.

Yes, definitely interested in this feature. For example, iMac can not process speed > 8.
Also if able to set separate speed per slot, please consider also setting for typing back up speed.

Certainly usefull feature. Highly interested.

Im also interested on that :slight_smile:

This would be very useful, as I recently encountered a weirdness where a Citrix remote connection is managing to somehow change the order in which keys are typed, but only with respect to tab characters, when at type speed 10.



ends up as something like


(spaces for readability only, not actually typed)

So it would be nice to set a slower type speed for only the slots Iā€™m experiencing problems with.

Typing at speed 10 will type at a speed faster than a person can type so applications like RDP or VMs may have issues. Typically speed 8 or lower will work well for these applications.