Remove 3 slow blink delay after unlocking

When OnlyKey is unlocked using the PIN the green light “flashes” three times slowly before it goes to steady green and OnlyKey can be used (ie. press 2 to enter login password etc). I am not sure if these three slow blinks are for show or something is booting/processing during that time.

If it’s just for show, can this delay be removed?

I wish I wouldn’t have to wait for this light show to finish and I have to do that quite often. I assume I am not the only one in that situation.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile: Great product!

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The reason for the delay is to provide visual confirm to the user that device is unlocked and also to give a couple of seconds so that a slot isn’t activated accidentally. If it just unlocked right away some people might not realize it was unlocked and keep typing PIN which with no delay would activate a slot.

Makes absolute sense.

If you ever think about adding some enable/disable features for advanced users, it would be great if you could add this as an option. If not, no biggie. Better safe than sorry :slight_smile:


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or the ability to choose how long before it activates after you enter your pin

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Adding a variable to adjust this on a per-profile basis would be great, that way we as the users could adjust this delay (in milliseconds) to our liking instead of being stuck with the default value that the OnlyKey provides out of the box.

Additional to this, an ability to adjust the colours that are shown when this unlocking process occurs and how many times it flashes would also be really nice quality of life improvements that would add a lot to the usability and uniqueness of each persons OnlyKey('s).

I am surprised that such flexibility wasn’t included fromnthe start seeing as it feels like something that I would expect many users would want to adjust given the opportunity to do so.

I’d appreciate if an update on this could be provided and a proper discussion as to why this feature SHOULDN’T have adjustability added to it can take place.
As long as the documentation explains what the feature does and how it does it their should be NO REASON to not have it included in future firmware versions.

Thanks for your time.