How to set up 2FA. which way is best

The 2 methods that look easiest are Google Authenticator and OnlyKey itself for 2FA (with flashing blue light). It looks as if Onlykey itself is actually easier unless I am misreading the guide. If Google Authenticator is easier can you delete The google app from the phone after saving the QR code and entering it into the slot for the relevant website on the Only Key device.

You don’t have to install the google authenticator app at all. Its sometimes a good idea to do though as a backup. You would follow the instructions for setting up OATH-TOTP in the user’s guide.

Thanks for clarifying that. I have set up GA and it’s working well.
Have also set up OATH-TOTP on Only Key device, with no GA except for initial set, up for another website. Was concerned that if I use one method then the other method will become invalid.
Is it possible to have both methods available in case of loosing O-K or somehow GA not working.
Hope this makes sense.

Yes, you can use both. In case one is lost you have a backup method.

Thanks t11 Good to know.