OATH TOTP Work without google authentication/yubico?

I really dont want to use Google Authentication and Yubikey software for OATH TOTP.
Can I use any other open source OATH TOTP software?
Like “Aegis Authenticator - Two Factor (2FA) app” which gives the Screet/Seed. Do I need to copy the Screet/Seed and place it in Google Authentication OTP field?

You don’t need any software to use TOTP with OnlyKey as OnlyKey generates the TOTP code for you. Is that what you are asking?

Hey, yes that’s what I’m asking.
I would like to know how OnlyKey generates the TOTP code, as I saw in the User’s Guide I would need to use Google Authenticator or Yubico® One-Time Password.
I got a software for android called Aegis, can I use it instead?

TOTP is also some times referred to as Google Authenticator. Like if you go to a web site to set up TOTP it might say add Google Authenticator or Authenticator App. That doesn’t mean you have to use an app, you would just follow steps in the users guide to use OnlyKey to generate TOTP codes instead - OnlyKey User's Guide | Docs

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Ohhh now I could understand. Thanks for the patience to explain

But it is still good to have a TOTP backup in an app.

Open source OATH TOTP software on Github and in the F-Droid archives:
andOTP (I like the OpenPGP-encrypted backups)
FreeOTPPlus (An improved fork of RedHat’s FreeOTP)

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