Feature request NFC

if so, I very much would buy one.


We are working on a USB-C/USB-A model. We are not planning to support NFC any time soon.

I work in a laboratory, you may consider it working on Ebola or coronavirus,
NFC gives some advantage in that way, contact-less.

the user could DIY some anti-RFID bag/holder etc to prevent accidental bumping into the NFC.

if no risk is tolerated, many things wont happen.


just read the yub1c0’s blog,
that’s the way that survive in laboratories.
you will help fight coronavirus together right?


I am not related to yub1c0,
but besides onlykey claims cant emulated
as PIV/smartcard, the major drawback of onlykey to me at the moment is no NFC now, and claim to have no NFC in near future.


I like that the onlykey is simple, and has no battery. NFC would require a battery and fundamentally change the nature of this device. I like it as a central place to store secrets and keys, I would love to see a companion device, with a USB port to plug the OnlyKey in, a small screen, perhaps with a button or two to navigate, and NFC (could even have additional features, like a mag-spoof type, so credit card or access card magstripe data could even be stored on the OnlyKey)… this separation of functions makes sense to me.

NFC SoloKey and YubiKey also don’t have a battery. But you need an App on your mobile phone.
Today’s smart phones have an integrated 2FA security chip. So I don’t see any point in bringing out a USB token with NFC to use it with the phone. The biopharmaceutical company example with an external NFC reader is an exception!
I’ve had an NFC YubiKey for years. I’ve never used the NFC function. andOTP, FreeOTP+ or Google authenticator is much more convenient on a phone.

I have a Somu Tiny in every laptop. They always stay in because they are difficult to pull out again. Pin protected OnlyKey’s are for my most important accounts and usually stay @home.

Some information on why we are currently not working on an NFC model is included here - Using OnlyKey with Mobile Devices (Android and iOS) | Docs

Keep in mind that if NFC was supported, only some of the features of OnlyKey like FIDO2 would work via NFC. Things like entering a PIN on OnlyKey to unlock would not work with NFC.

And the PIN protection makes the OnlyKey so unique. And that’s why I like him.
I have my important accounts such as Binance, Kraken, Github, … only on the PIN-protected OnlyKey.

When someone absolutely needs NFC. Open source and open hardware: Take Solo V2 or Nitrokey 3. But they are not PIN-protected!