1. NFC could be added? [2. same HMAC-SHA1 result with yub1c0 made secret passphase? ok]

  1. NFC could be added? search found no result in the forum!

2nd question.

I already got a yub1c0 5 NFC,
which I think even the staff of onlykey do so.

How is it using the yub1c0 for outgoing and using onlykey as backup?
I plan this as onlykey dont have NFC, it’s not good for mobile phone.

for U2F, both shd be easily registered with google etc.

for PGP, I think both can handle the private key well.

for windows login, I think both can handle well.

but for the OTP and challenge response, that’s where I worry.

I am still new to yub1c0, and try to use it with keepass.
seems for OTP and C-R, the “secret”, the 18 characters or something is the
ultimate passphase.

Even I lost my yub1c0, with the secret passphase I could enter it into a 2nd yub1c0
and use as before. no pain.

could a secret passphase, made using yub1c0,
works with onlyket as well? same parameters could be set?

I am talking about the HMAC-SHA1 C-R, and the TOTP that keepass support.

a mix of keepass/keepass2android/keepassxc + yub1c0/onlykey drive me crazy.


looks like the secret from BOTH brands are compatible.

I think I am going to buy a NFC-onlykey as my 2nd key later.

hopefully there could be a USB-C connector/choice


OnlyKey does not support NFC, we currently have no plans to support it. We have details here that describe why - Using OnlyKey with Mobile Devices (Android and iOS) | Docs