Calyxos and grapheneos support

With the amount of people starting to move to degoogled phones, calyx and graphene, is it possible to get TOTP working for them?

There is a user answer here. It seems the OS does not have requirements to support webauthn/FIDO2 which is required for TOTP.

Other TOTP and webauth apps and services work just fine. How do they work then? I’m also posting the same questions to the OS devs. Also found this WebAuthn/FIDO2 | Hardware Security SDK So it can be done without google services. Just need to find out if it’s the OS that needs modification or the app

There is no OnlyKey app, it would be the OS that needs to support USB FIDO2 security keys.

The is what sets the time right?

I just confirmed it’s your that requires google play services. Unfortunate but I’ll use bitwarden as a workaround for TOTP.

Sounds like microg is the people to talk
To thank you.