doesn't work with Android Chrome/Firefox running custom ROM CalyxOS


I would like to use my onlykey on a Pixel phone using CalyxOs as ROM.

I have tryed several times to set the time for OTP / 2FA authentifications by using the web app but it doesn’t work even if the key is recognized by the phone.

I already tryed with a different phone, with a normal version of android and it’s working with Chrome (not with Firefox).

Do you have any suggestion that may help me to use onlykey with this phone ? Does need some google play features to set the time ?

Do you know why it seems to work only with Chrone and not firefox on android ?

Thanks a lot for your help

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I believe that Firefox mobile removed support for FIDO U2F recently, support for this is required for the web app to work. There are no special permissions required, you do have to select the USB security key option if there is a pop up. Are you getting the pop up where it asks about security key on your Pixel?

Thank you for your quick reply.

I am not getting any pop up.

When the onlykey is connected and unlocked, the key is working. For instance, I can access a website automatically but, when there is the OTP step, the onlykey writes NOTSET (which makes sense since the time isn’t set).


OK, do you have any other security keys you could try to see if they get a pop up? It may just be that the browser doesn’t support this or something with the Pixel with custom ROM.

I believe the issue is linked to the fact that we don’t have all google play services with Calyxos. Some of GPlay Services are provided by the microG project but it seems the one used to set the time is not included in microG.

I’ll try to find an answer with CalyxOS.

Thanks for your help!

I believe you need Google Play Service in order to get WebAuthn to work on Android.