App not showing options values

Hi all,

I am setting up my OnlyKey for the first time and I am not able to see my configuration options apart from the Label name. The value of options like Delay, Tab before UserName, Password, OATH-TOTP (Google Authenticator) etc. are not shown in none of the 3 tabs (Basic Login, Multi-Factor, Full Configuration (advanced)).

Yesterday I did a test with 3 slots. Today I opened the app (with Key inserted) and the options values are not shown. The key itself works as expected when login into different websites as well as the TOTP feature so the data is inside the slots, it is just not visible from the app.
I know which options I chose when setting up the slot, but in a couple of days I probably won’t be able to remember any more.

Is this the expected behaviour?
Thank you in advance

OnlyKey linux app version:
App v5.3.4
OnlyKey v2.1.2-prodc

Linux version:
Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS (beginner Linux user)

The only values visible in the app are the labels you set. The app is used to set values on the OnlyKey but those values are not read back out. If the OnlyKey app could read your values from device so could malware.

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