Tapping speed for Onlykey Duo

To unlock the duo, I have to enter the pin by tapping the end of the key in 3 places, but not too fast - I see a short tap should last longer than 200ms, I should then wait some short time before doing next tap. A long tap is only reliable if I count slowly to 4.

I would like to enter the taps much faster, like doing 2 or more short tabs on the same button very fast, and a long tab should be a multitude of that taps, but not longer than 1 second.

I guess the developers want to filter out some accidental double (bouncing) taps,. There might be people who have problems moving their fingers fast and reliable so they need a slow enter mode and such a bounce detection, for sure…

I would help me if the recognizion could be configured in the config tool:

  • Minimum: Allow user to set some values which defines the min/max time of short tap and the min time for a long tap. Allow user to define/reduce the amount of time that detects a bouncing button.
  • As optional addition, recognize the appropriate speed automatically, e.g. in the setup tool ask the user to tap a sequence of short and long taps, to find the perfect timing values.
  • More complex: Get the whole sequence of tapping, then analyze the short and long taps and only if there are very-short taps, count them as bounces. This way every input sequence can be of different speed but can still work.

I really do not memorize my unlock pin as a number, but as a tapping pattern. After my finger learned that pattern, they are sometimes to fast as I am too excited to use it :-).

I guess you thought and learned about this already during development. The Onlykey setup is more a geek thing today, so being able to define the tap speed myself would really improve my everyday experience with the duo. The simple solution would already make the difference.

This is not related to the keyboard speed which is already configurabel in the config tool, which defines how fast the password characters are sent to the computer. I talk about how fast I am allowed to touch the hardware buttons to unlock the duo key.

Thank you for reading this topic! Duo is a great tool, I really like it and still learn how to use it’s features in the best way.

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Agreed that it would be great to be able to configure (reduce) the “long” press time on the OnlyKey Duo - I also find the default a bit too long when entering my PIN.

Looking at the code, perhaps naively it looks like it could simply involve allowing the “21” value here to be configured?